Desi Diwali Holiday Christmas Diwali Projector Light (Indoor Outdoor Waterproof), 16 Slides (4 Pictures Each), 10 Wave Effects (RGBW), Remote Control (Power Timer Speed Flash), 3 Mounting Ways, Screws


Celebrate festivals and parties with "desi" style. Get your Diwali Projector Light in time for Diwali! You can use this projector light for all other holiday party festival projector light needs like Christmas, Halloween, Birthday, New Year, Thanksgiving, Easter, Valentine's, and Saint Patrick's Day!

Special projector with dual motor and lights to project special custom patterns/pictures and water wave effect. Spruce up your occasions with quick and easy to set up projector lights.

Waterproof IP44 LED projector unit which can be used indoor and outdoor. Multiple uses for multiple occasions and venues. Easy to setup with 3 mounting options. Wireless remote which helps in adjusting power (on/off), timer setting, pattern/picture moving speed, and pattern/picture flashing speed.

Includes slides for Diwali (3, 1 extra duplicate copy of the shorter life but high detail slide), Christmas (4), Halloween (2), Birthday (1), New Year (1), Thanksgiving (1), Easter (1), Valentine (1), Saint Patrick's Day (1), Planets (1), and Butterfly (1).

Please support our "tiny" business! Thanks! Please support our "tiny" business! Thanks! If you have any support needs then please feel free to contact us at our storefront!


Projector with Waves and Slide Pattern Picture: Projector light with 2 lenses and lights - One for 16 slide sets (4 pictures on each slide set) and the other for RGBW (red, green, blue, and white) 10 color combination of water wave ripple effect. We include 1 extra duplicate copy slide of the shorter life but high detail slide which might start fading after ~30 hour of commutative usage. All other 15 slides will last longer. You get 17 slides in total: 15 longer life + 2 shorter life high detail duplicate slides.

Waterproof Weatherproof Indoor and Outdoor projector: Waterproof IP44 LED projector unit, cable (16.5 ft long), and power supply. Includes 1 built-in ventilation fan. Note: Please do not use outdoors during heavy rain/snow.

Multiple Uses: Includes durable long lasting slides for Diwali (3, 1 extra duplicate copy of the shorter life high detail slide), Christmas (4), Halloween (2), Birthday (1), New Year (1), Thanksgiving (1), Easter (1), Valentine (1), Saint Patrick's Day (1), Planets (1), and Butterfly (1). 10 combinations of RGBW (red, green, blue, and white) wave effects with single color or multiple or no color options.

Wireless Remote Control: Comes with remote control with battery CR2025 to adjust the power (on/off), timer settings (3 different times - stays on for those times, turns off for rest, then turns on again), pattern/picture moving speed, and pattern/picture flash speed. Remote range up to 40 feet. The remote battery can be replaced.

Multiple Mounting Options: Easy to assemble (minimal) and install. 3 types of mounting options: in ground using stake, flat base for flat surfaces, and on wall/ceiling with screws (included). The angle of projection can be adjusted up or down by 180ยฐ. The optimal distance from projection is 10-15 ft in an area with minimal/no light.

Easy Setup: As easy as 1-2-3! 1. Select and assemble mounting options. 2. Select and insert the slide. 3. Power on and adjust settings using the remote.

Projection Surface: For the best image quality make sure that the projection surface/area is dark and doesn't have a lot of light pollution. Garage doors, ceiling, house entry doors, apartment entry doors, windows with blinds or curtains (inside and outside), walls (indoor or outdoor), floors, and every surface you can imagine (car/camper van/tent etc.).

Multiple Occasions and Venues: Adds to your decoration in occasions and venues with ease to install and remove. Great for festivals, holidays, parties, camping, wedding, DJ night, karaoke, and commercial decorations. Can be used at various venues/locations: cafe, pub, hotel, home, garden, front yard, back yard, and more! Great gift for family, friends, and colleagues!

Auto Shutdown: Automatically shuts down in 6 hours and then turns on again after 18. Timer options are 2 hours (on for 2 hours off for 22 hours), 4 hours (on for 4 hours off for 20 hours), and 6 (on for 6 hours off for 18 hours) hours. On/off times can be adjusted using remote timer keys.

Package Content and Warranty: Includes projector light, ground stake, mounting plate/stand (flat with holes for screw if needed), 1 remote control with battery CR2025, 17 slides, wall anchors, and screws. We have a 12-month warranty. If you still have any issues during installation, or manufacturing defects then please contact our customer service.


Included components: Remote control with battery CR2025, 17 slide sets (4 pictures each), 2 mounts (3 ways to mount), wall anchors, and screws to mount.

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